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SenSa Granite Countertops and Surfaces

Low maintenance and easy to clean

Unlike most granite, SenSa Granite does not require yearly sealing for up to 15 years. To clean, simply use soapy water or a gentle household cleaner and wipe the surface dry. Protect countertop surfaces from direct heat sources with coasters or placemats. Do not use polishes or waxes.

• Clean all spills immediately.
• To clean the surface, use a gentle general pH-balanced house cleaner or regular soap and water and a cloth. Windex or similar cleaners may be used.
• Do not use any chemical sealant products as they will void this warranty.

The recommendations for properly maintaining SenSa natural stone products that have been treated with SenGuard are not limited to the above recommendations. Please consult the Care and Maintenance Guide for SenSa with SenGuard for a complete description of the recommended maintenance.

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