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Sensa Granite Countertops and Surfaces


Now homeowners can rest easier with new SenGuard stain protection. Granite countertops are the pride of every kitchen and bath until a stain ruins the beautiful surface. To ensure long-lasting enjoyment from your SenSa Granite countertop, Cosentino has incorporated SenGuard, a revolutionary breakthrough in granite protection.

What is SenGuard?
Stone to breathe and preserving its natural color.

How does SenGuard work?
SenGuard is a protective agent on a small molecular level that penetrates the stone's porous surface to form a chemical bond. This protective agent changes the surface tension of the stone, creating resistance to liquids and providing durable and long-lasting stain protection.

What is the difference between SenGuard and common granite sealers?
There are many sealers on the market that claim to safeguard granite surfaces. Common granite sealers contain large molecular weight agents. These agents create a mechanical bond that protects granite by blocking or sealing the porosity of the stone. However, these types of sealers maintain a weaker bond that is easy to break down through the use of common household cleaners; therefore, periodic re-application of the sealer is required to prolong the life of granite. Furthermore, large molecular weight agents do not allow the stone to breathe, thereby reducing the resilience of the sealer.

Unlike common sealers, SenGuard offers a superior protective shield that chemically anchors to the stone's surface creating a permanent bond.

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